Best Paper Awards

TopicPaper IDPaper TitleAuthors
Biomedical Engineering and Applications1570696163Non-Contact Heartbeat Detection Using Viterbi Algorithm Based on Distribution of Difference of Two-Adjacent R-R IntervalsWin Zar; Hla Myo Tun
Computer and Information Technology1570697169A Comparative Analysis of Euclidean-Support Vector MachineKenneth Kean Hoong Tan; Yee Wan Wong; Michelle Tien Tien Tan; Hermawan Nugroho
Electrical Power, Energy And Industrial Applications1570698681An Improved Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm III with Grey Relational Analysis Decision Making for DG Placement and SizingNorainon Mohamed; Dahaman Ishak
Electronic Design and Applications1570698312Effect of Gate Dielectric Thickness on the Performance of Top-Down ZnO Nanowire Field-Effect TransistorsNor Azlin Ghazali; Mohamed Fauzi Packeer Mohamed; Muhammad Firdaus Akbar; Harold Chong
Intelligence Systems1570698826Apex Frame Spotting Using Convolutional Neural Networks with Continuous LabelingSie Min Koo; Mohd Asyraf Zulkifley; Berrin Yanikoglu; Nor Azwan Mohamed Kamari
Robotics, Control, Mechatronics And Automation1570698963Holonomic Mobile Robot Planners: Performance AnalysisYaaqob Saad Aljamali
Telecommunication Systems and Applications1570698303Under Insulation Microwave Non-Destructive Testing Using Dual-Ridges Open-Ended Rectangular WaveguideShin Yee Tan; Muhammad Firdaus Akbar
Vision, Image and Signal Processing1570694638Apply Deep Learning on Chest X-Rays Images for COVID-19 Disease Detection by Using Transfer LearningNguyen Minh Thien; Long TonThat; Kien Trang; An Hoang Nguyen; Bao Quoc Vuong